Why insurance for prom car hire or wedding car hire in London is so important


This may depend on whether you plan to hire a chauffeur to drive that Bentley Continental Flying Spur that is a brilliant white opt to drive your own prom car hire in London to your special night. For first time car hire customers, it may be best to hire a chauffeur to drive you to the prom or wedding ceremony. Otherwise, first time renters may have to pay extra for insurance to cover excessive damage, a collision damage waiver or theft protection. The extra charges may add more to the price of the rental than some first time wedding car hire London customers had planned.

By hiring a chauffeur, this allows couples not to have to worry about getting lost trying to find their destinations. It also means they do not have to worry if they do happen to get a flat and need 24 hour road assistance. While a couple may think about saving some money by not hiring a chauffeur and waiving the collision damage insurance, they may want to consider having collision damage insurance if they do not decide to hire a chauffeur. Damages to any wedding car hire in London or even a white Bentley Arnage Turbo or white Mercedes Class S Brabus that is a rental for prom may cost more than guests expect. A minor fender bender can cost above £1,000, if a paint job is needed.

Get rentals back on time to avoid extra day charges

What some customers may not realise is that they may be charged for an extra day if their white rental Range Rover Sports Supercharged is only an hour past their check-in time. This is why it is best to keep an eye on the time and return any rented Bentley Continental Flying Spur in a timely manner. While it may not seem like much with an extra £25 a day added on, these charges can add up quickly, especially since fees like collision damage insurance may also be added for the additional day.

By hiring a chauffeur, this allows guests freedom to not have to worry about the little details because the driver returns the car to the company. It may be a stress reliever to pay a little extra to have a driver that can navigate and get couples to their prom or wedding on time. Does the company have a flat fee that they charge for fuel? If the company charges the same whether the tank is empty or full, you do not have to worry about where the gauge says the petrol is. However, if the company charges an extra fee if the petrol is not the same amount as rented, it is best to keep an eye on those gauges (unless a driver is hired).

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