Three things that may cost extra with any wedding car or Prom car hire in London


If you are looking to find a cheap car hire in London where you can choose your car and you fancy yourself in a white Bentley Arnage Turbo or a white Range Rover Sports Supercharged, a cheap car hire or wedding car hire in London is obtainable. However, you may want to remember a few things.

You may have gotten a prom car hire at a fabulous price, but do not expect for the car to be fully loaded with drinks unless you pay for them. With some car hire companies in London, there may be ala carte pricing and this may not be included in your written quote. Other wedding car hire companies in London may include this in their quoted price as “standard.” However, it is best to ask before you get your white Bentley Continental Flying Spur and are disappointed in your car hire in London.

Make less trips or shorten guest Lists

Some brides want a wedding car hire in London for more than just herself. However, a bride may need to think about reducing the number of the car hires in London that she has. By having only a wedding car hire in London for herself and possibly one more car hire in London, a bride can considerable reduce her car hire in London bill to a reasonable amount. This may help if a teenager who wants a prom car hire for the occasion.

While it is nice to have more than one wedding car hire London, couples must consider the cost to have the car longer, and how it would best benefit their needs. For example at a wedding, a couple may be able to hire a white Bentley Continental Flying Spur simply to deliver guests to the venue. Extra driving around translates into extra petrol being used and this means money. This is why those hiring a prom car hire may also be smart to plan before they get that white Range Rover Sports Supercharged as their prom car hire. If a driver only has to go a venue and back to the prom location, this will save money because the driver is not picking up all of the guests at separate locations and then going to the venue.

Getting additional services may also increase the cost of a car hire. This is why anyone getting a car hire London must think about what they need before ordering. Choosing the right company will mean being charged reasonable rates for your car hire as well as the choice of many luxury cars that you might only see yourself driving in your dreams! Spoil yourself even if it’s only for a day – the memories will last a lifetime!

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