Rock and rolling in London streets: Visit the famous sites in a Rolls Royce Phantom hire

You might think about a Roll-Royce hire in London when you need a car for a wedding or prom. However, the nice thing about any Rolls-Royce Phantom hire in London is that it can be used for any occasion. Have you ever considered getting a Roll-Royce Phantom hire to roll in while you visit the famous 1 SoHo Square, a Georgian home of McCartney Productions Limited? Paul McCartney’s production house owns the rights to “Annie,” the Righteous Brothers, and Buddy Holly.

Wouldn’t it be fun to explore the home of the Beatles by taking Rolls-Royce Phantom hire a ride to see several of the most famous music sites in the world? A 1930s treasure, Abbey Road Studios is a great place to visit if you are a music fan. The famous crosswalk used on the Beatle’s album is only a half mile away. It is easy to reach, if you take a Rolls-Royce Phantom hire in London.

Today’s ‘Shaldon Mansions’ only a brick building on the outside, music haven within

Relive the music scene, riding in a Rolls-Royce hire across London streets. It is one of the most famous rock ’n’ roll sites, but it is only brick and non-descript on the outside. 123 Charring Cross Road is where the Beatle’s ‘Please, Please Me’ was played for the music publisher, Dick James. The tune was so well liked, it was played for a friend of the hit TV series, “Thank your Lucky Stars” over the telephone. Within a week, the Beatles were on the show.

Riding in a Rolls-Royce Phantom hire makes you wonder how many rock stars toured London in their Rolls-Royce models and went out around town – spotted in some of London’s best pubs, etc. Have you ever wanted to relive the glory days of rock ‘roll as you support your favourite artist or their estate and travel in a Rolls-Royce Phantom hire in London?

Hire your own a Rolls-Royce Phantom hire in London for an extraordinary Experience!

Why not get a Rolls-Royce hire in London to see all the places where rock stars lived, worked, and died? A Rolls-Royce Phantom hire lets you take your own tour of where the rock roll gods lived. Would you get a Rolls-Royce Phantom hire, if you knew it was the best investment in pounds you had made for several hours to tour numerous rock attractions? You can even get your own t-shirt at The Beatles Store or the It’s Only Rock and Roll Store – where rock memorabilia are sold.

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