Prom car or wedding car hire in London: Attention to detail helps ensure the moment is Magical

Wedding Car

Proms or weddings can be fun events for family and friends, but they can also be stressful events for prom dates, brides and grooms. However, prom goers and wedding parties can make their wedding nights and proms magical moments, if they take over the car hire details before the scheduled event. For example, do double-check that Hummer Limo wedding hire in London is still available for the biggest event of your life. Call at least two weeks before you need a prom car hire or wedding car to make sure you will not be left without transportation.

One thing many brides or prom night attendees may not realise is the number of guests matter with a Hummer Limo car hire. Thanks to the vehicle manufacturer, these car hires do have a gross weight limit. Is someone in your wedding party extremely heavy? You may need to book additional limos to be able to safely get prom goers or wedding guests to their destination. You do not want guests to be uncomfortably sandwiched in a wedding car hire in London. It also may create an unsafe traveling situation for all those who plan to take a prom car hire to get to the prom. If there are too many guests, it might affect the driver’s ability to handle the car or limousine on the road.

Plan in advance for delays or Problems

Carefully planning can lessen the chances of anything going wrong on your wedding day or prom night. If you are planning to get a wedding car hire in London or prom car hire, book the car for more time than you will need, before your event. It may not be able to book an Hummer Limo car hire for an extra hour on the day of your wedding or prom. Getting in and out of the car may take more time than you think. Add extra guests getting out of a Hummer limo or Rolls Royce Phantom multiple times and it could spell disaster if you have not planned ahead. Guests may not be able to exit the vehicle with military precision. Chauffeured drivers may have other engagements, so they cannot help you if you have not planned well. How much time should you allot extra? Did you know it takes approximately 25 minutes for each 100 guests in your receiving line at your wedding ceremony? Wedding photos can take at least 25 minutes, so allotting for an hour is a good rule of thumb for both a wedding and any prom car hire that you need.

Have you had a Hummer Limo car hire or gotten a wedding car hire in London or prom car hire? If so, what is your favourite memory of your amazing night with family and friends?

A wedding car hire is an essential part of any wedding. With media hype like TV programmes dedicated to weddings and celebrity weddings, everyone wants the best for their big day, we all want to arrive in style and leave a profound impression on their guests! Chauffeur Ride is a dominant supplier of modern day wedding cars. We offer luxury wedding car hires and cater for all weddings from Asian weddings, church weddings, registry weddings, civil weddings, and more. Please visit us at: to see how we can make your wedding day spectacular!

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