Important questions that you should ask before getting a chauffeur-hire car


Before you go and put down several hundred pounds on a quality car like a Land Rover, there are several questions you should ask a company representative before your event. For example, are there any other events that the white Mercedes Class S Brabus or white Bentley Continental Flying Spur will be headed to before a chauffeur comes to drive you to your event? While it may seem like a silly question to ask, this is information you may want to know before you book. What if the events ahead of you run longer than expected, will this make you late to your wedding or other event?

A bride may not think to ask this about their chauffeur-driven white Bentley Arnage Turbo. However, many a bride and prom date should feel safe on their big day and for some asking questions helps them feel safe. Is my chauffeur specially trained and do they wear uniforms? At many companies that provide car hires, chauffeurs do sit through hours of training before they ever get behind the wheel to drive for you. Many companies also require their drivers to wear a certain uniform, such as: white shirt, black pants, black shoes.

Getting what you paid for

Is the white Land Rover Sports Supercharged or any other vehicle I am thinking of hiring on the property? If a company doesn’t keep their vehicles onsite, you may want to consider renting elsewhere. A legitimate company will have their vehicles onsite so that you can see what you are renting. What is the model number, license number, colour of the vehicle I am renting and will this be the same vehicle that will come to get me?

A reputable car hire company won’t change car hire models on you without warning you in advance, if a change is needed. If a substitution for a white Mercedes Class S Brabus is needed, it should be stated in the agreement.

Are the cars in your fleet owned by the company or are they part of an outside fleet? A reputable car hire company owns their own vehicles. This allows you to get the best price possible, without having to pay surcharges and special taxes. Can I get a price quote in writing? This allows you to plan for all the fees you may be charged: restocking fee for drinks, fuel surcharge, stocking fee for the bar, tip for the driver, and taxes? This is an important question to ask before a company has your non-refundable deposit.

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