Going chauffeur-less on prom night or to the reception: Watch out for extra car hire Fees

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Most UK drivers and some passengers may not think about how much they save in convenience until they get a car hire in London without a chauffeur. Smaller parties may not consider all the inconveniences or additional fees that they may pay with a prom car hire or Rolls Royce hire in London, such as paying a fee for not returning the car with full of petrol. Some companies that provide car hire London cars may charge a premium to refuel a prom car hire if you forget.

According to one survey, 55 percent of those polled did not understand why any company, that provided a Rolls Royce hire in London, would charge more. It makes sense when customers consider a car hire company in London loses money not having a car ready for the next customer and having to pay an employee to put petrol in the tank.

Car hire fees chauffeur-less drives may not consider

If guests are used to having a chauffeur pamper them in a prom car hire on prom night, they may not be accustom to checking a prom car hire before they drive the car off into the night. It may pay and save drivers to inspect car hires very carefully for any damage before leaving the forecourt. It is true it could be tempting to do a quick check and drive off. However, if there is damage and it is not reported on the paperwork you signed for the car hire in London, you could be liable for damages to a Rolls Royce hire in London that you did not cause.

Those who hire a chauffeur with their prom car hire, or any other car hire, do not have to worry about finding the bonnet release or hoping the petrol cap is not screwed too tightly that they cannot remove it. They also do not have to worry about losing their way, be in danger of being late to their event, or having to feel undue stress. Chauffeurs also will usually handle toll fees for you, so those who opt for a Rolls Royce car hire in London, (driven by a professional chauffeur), do not have to worry about all these smaller inconveniences.

With or without a chauffeur is the Question

Can you get away with being chauffeur-less? If it does not bother you to drive your own car hire and navigate your own GPS device, being chauffeur-less will not bother you much. However, if you like the pampering having a chauffeur provides, it is best to pay extra to have a professional chauffeur pilot the wheel of any prom car hire.

Can you afford to hire a chauffeur? Look at the additional charge this adds to getting a car hire before you commit and sign a contract. Isn’t it nice to splurge from time to time, too? While hiring a chauffeur may not be something you would typically consider with a Rolls Royce hire in London, it could end up saving you money in small ways, especially on your wedding day. At Chauffeur Ride, we can tell you exactly what you are paying for before you hire a chauffeur-driven ride. We also can assist you in getting a car that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. We offer a wide variety of chauffeur-driven and cars without chauffeurs that may be hired. Visit us at:¬†www.chauffeurride.co.uk