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To hire a car or not: Five great reasons why getting a car hire is to your Advantage

rolls royce phantom hire london

Many times, getting a car hire in London is about convenience. However, this may not necessarily be true in some circumstances. There are different reasons why people may need a Rolls Royce hire or a Rolls Royce Phantom hire in London. Are you traveling and on holiday? This is one big reason why people get […]

Three ways to keep those prom car hire or Rolls Royce hire costs to a Minimum

prom car hire

Before you step into a car hire in London and drive it off the lot, it is good to look at what extras you are paying for when it comes to car insurance. Before you pay extra for gap insurance or an extra fee to cover accidents, it may be a good idea to ask […]

Power under hood makes Rolls Royce Phantom hires in London great choices for wedding Cars 

Wedding Car

While customers may find themselves paying more for a Rolls Royce Phantom wedding hire than a Bentley Flying Spur, the cost and luxury of one of these wedding cars in London makes it worth the extra expense. Did you know that a Rolls Royce Phantom hire in London is likely to have extras that are not included […]

Going chauffeur-less on prom night or to the reception: Watch out for extra car hire Fees

Wedding Cars London

Most UK drivers and some passengers may not think about how much they save in convenience until they get a car hire in London without a chauffeur. Smaller parties may not consider all the inconveniences or additional fees that they may pay with a prom car hire or Rolls Royce hire in London, such as […]