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Looking good: How to have the best wedding photos with a Rolls Royce hire and More

It may be true, a bride may not be able to fit as many wedding guests into a Rolls Royce hire, but these cars do have an added advantage in wedding photos. The advantage isn’t its pearly, white paint, because there are many car hire London companies that may offer white wedding cars. However, do […]

Why chauffeur or chauffeur service with close protection is Important

Before getting in a powerful car that can fly down the road going zero to sixty in less than six seconds, consider your driver. Are they properly trained if you do need to hire a chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce Phantom hire? There may be many companies that offer chauffeur service in London, but what is important […]

Rolls Royce offer couples elegant options with their car Hire

Couples who are getting married may want to consider a white Rolls Royce Phantom hire in London. This car, with considerable power under the hood can make their wedding day special. Why consider getting a Rolls Royce Phantom wedding hire? It isn’t only the power under the hood to think about. Did you know the […]